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New Lower Shipping Prices Announced

Zirlotts Gulf Products with our excellent quality and delicious Seafood from the Gulf of Mexico has negotiated lower shipping rates with UPS. Now you can save money while still enjoying our delicious seafood.

Browse our website today, choose your favorite gulf shrimp, seafood gumbo, fresh oysters or many more of our gourmet seafood products.


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buy Lump crabmeat 1 lb. container $22.00 + s/h
Lump Crabmeat 1 lb. container

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Buy Gulf Shrimp from Zirlotts Gulf Products

Royal Red Shrimp are tender, delicious and are one of the most unique harvestable species of shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike most shrimp, when bitten into they are tender and almost lobster-like unlike the usual crispness you find in other shrimp. They come from deep, cold water along the continental shelf, with depths ranging as deep as 2,000 ft. They live completely in the dark. Unless you have bought some from a fisherman, most people have never seen them.  They do not travel and you will rarely find them outside of the Southeast. Due to their unique tenderness and sweetness, they do well in simple recipes of just on their own. They also cook in the half the time of their counterparts. If overcooked, they tend to become mushy (and not rubbery).

Buy Royal Red Shrimp from Zirlotts Gulf Products which we harvest directly from our own boats.

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Gulf White Shrimp and Gulf Brown shrimp are the most plentiful of all shrimp. Anyone who has ever watched the Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump has seen these are the shrimp Forrest was catching on his boat after he got home from the war. These Gulf shrimp off the coast of Alabama are known worldwide for their sweet flavor and hearty texture. Wild caught shrimp are used for a variety of dishes such as salads, scampi and ka-bobs. Serve them boiled with butter on the side or just lightly bread and drop them in the deep fryer.

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Wild Caught Oysters

Zirlotts prides ourselves in having the nicest, freshest, juiciest Gulf of Mexico oysters in the South. Zirlotts Gulf Products has sold top quality Oysters which we harvest from our own boats.

* Gulf Oysters are prized for their plump rich meat and taste that has a natural touch of salt. Their meat ranges from tender to firm, making them a versatile ingredient in a number of oyster recipes.Fact

*Gulf Oysters have pale white to gray shells that are rough with ridges or bumps and can grow up to 8 inches. Alabama Gulf Oysters are available year-round, usually spawning in the late spring’s warm waters.

Our oysters are NEVER frozen and NEVER imported.

We fish for oysters year round. Peak time to get the BEST oysters is September thru June, when the Gulf waters are cooler and the oysters are happier.

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