New Crab Boat

 Vic has built all but two of the boats that he has owned. The new crab boat was started for son-in law, Jeromy. Jeromy has since changed occupations, so the boat now belongs to Vic. The photos show the stages of progress. Vic uses no drawn plans or designs other than what he envisions. Starting with the bow stem, He skillfully saws, and nails pieces of lumber together and soon one can see the boat take shape. The “Katie-Dean”, named for Kate & Jeromy’s two children, will soon be in the water hauling in crabs to be processed into delicious gourmet seafood dishes.

Crab Traps

Keeping up with crab traps is a ton of work. After being in the water for a couple of weeks, the traps must be brought in to be cleaned with a pressure washer. A build up of “barnacles” and “sea grass” causes the traps to be inefficient. Traps are stacked on the stern of the boat, brought to the dock, unloaded and washed, then repaired(holes, bent wire, etc), then re-loaded on the boat to be taken back out. This is a tiring and tedious task that can take days. Even new traps need prep time before taking out. Floats must be marked with identifying numbers and Vic’s own green “Z”, lines tied, zinc anodes added to aid in preventing rust, then stacked on the boat.