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Buy Alabama Seafood Online, Quality Gulf Coast Seafood, Fresh And Tasty Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp, Crab, Crab Claws, Oysters And Gourmet Seafood Direct From The Boats That Caught It.

Quality gulf coast seafood from Alabama at affordable prices delivered to your door. We ship coast to coast. Order online or call (251) 873-4455. No preservatives or chemical additives are used on any Zirlott Seafood products, nor do we sell farm-raised seafood. Best tasting wild caught shrimp. Frozen on our family's Gulf boat as soon as they are caught for top quality gulf shrimp. Also, fresh Alabama shrimp brought in daily by our Bay Boat. Buy Seafood Online today.

Wild Caught Shrimp

Alabama seafood by Zirlott’s Gulf Products,  Gulf Shrimp are caught in Alabama home waters in the Gulf daily. All shrimp are shipped in Five-pound cartons.

  • Jumbo 10-15 ct:
  • Ex-Large 16-20 ct:
  • Large 21-25 ct:
  • Med-Large 26-30 ct:
  • Medium 31-40 ct:
  • Small 41-50 ct:

Fresh Crabmeat

Alabama Crabmeat picked daily from locally caught Alabama Blue Crab. Clean, virtually shell-free! The cleanest crabmeat you will find.

  • Jumbo Lump Crabmeat
  • Lump Alabama Crabmeat
  • Alabama Claw Meat 
  • Cocktail Claw Fingers
  • Delicious and Tasty
  • Order Alabama Crab

Gourmet Entrees

Alabama Seafood, Our Entrees are made with loads of crabmeat and shrimp. Ease of preparation makes for a quick and delicious seafood dinner that will impress family and guests.

  • Gumbo: $20 quart
  • Stuffed Shrimp: $40 (2 pounds)
  • Crab Patties: $40 (1 dozen)
  • Breaded Crab Claws: $25 (1 pound)
  • Quiche: $20  (9” pie)

Crab ClawMeat

  • Fresh Alabama Stone Crab Claws: Rich in flavor and color.

Crab Claw Fingers

  • Alamaba Cocktail Crab Claw Fingers Bread and deep fry, or sautee in butter


  • Fresh Alabama Oysters from Gulf Coast:

All About Alabama Gulf Shrimp

Alabama White Gulf Shrimp

Alabama White Gulf shrimp are harvested inshore waters of the Gulf Coast from North Florida to Texas, from October through June. Our plump, premium Alabama White Gulf Shrimp are harvested, rinsed and flash frozen on the boat to keep the flavor in. The Best Gulf Coast Alabama Seafood Around!

Alabama Brown Gulf Shrimp

An incredibly delicious Alabama Gulf shrimp, the Brown Hoppers have firm, crisp texture with sweet ocean flavor. Easy peeling, great for boiling. Brown Gulf Shrimp are harvested inshore early summer and migrate offshore to depths up to 350ft in winter. June through January.

Royal Red Alabama Gulf Shrimp

Alabama Royal Reds Gulf Shrimp are very deep water shrimp caught mostly in winter and early spring. Only a few boats are equipped to target these because of the depth the shrimp are found. (1200 ft to 1800 ft of water requiring almost a mile of cable to trawl the bottom).

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