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Fresh off the boat, gulf white shrimp.

White Shrimp

Gulf Jumbo shrimp are always best when de-headed and washed immediately, then packaged for the freezer.  At Zirlott Seafood, we weigh the Gulf shrimp as soon as the boat comes in. After removing the heads, the shrimp are washed thoroughly, then packaged in cartons to be placed in the freezer.

Sometimes, the shrimp need to be sorted according to size.  Jumbo Gulf shrimp are counted to determine how many it takes to weigh a pound.  That’s where we get the numbers.  Under 10 is considered the largest of Gulf shrimp, either brown or white.  Occasionally, we get some that are less than 8 to the pound, which is huge.  Here is the rundown on the sizes:  10-15 is called Jumbos,  16-20 is called Extra Large,  21-25 is Large, 26-30_Medium/Large, 31-35 is considered medium.  The higher the number, the smaller the shrimp.

Whatever your recipe calls for, you can use almost any size you want to prepare.  Just consider how many servings the recipe calls for and then adjust the number of shrimp accordingly.